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One of the main aims of starting PakTherapy was to provide people with a way of getting online therapy in the comfort of their own homes and without the need to involve anyone else. People who have been supporting have brought some websites to the forefront, so we are starting with those.

We aim to keep this list growing, so if you have suggestions for more, or if you run one of these, do give us a shout.


BlahTherapy actually offers you some amount of free ‘listening’. A lot of websites offer you some level of free trial package, but BlahTherapy’s free listening service is actually free forever. Of course, listening will not fulfil your therapy needs, but it can be a good starting point.

If you do need to talk to a counsellor, they also offer a paid for subscription model which lets you talk to qualified online therapists.

It is run by the BetterHelp group, which is another website that offers online therapy and counselling. In fact, if you go to any paid-for option on BlahTherapy, it automatically takes you to the BetterHelp website. You can also follow their Twitter account for some articles and knowledge.

Visit for more.

7 Cups

Much the same model as that of BlahTherapy, 7Cups also offers you both professional therapists as well as ‘listeners’. You can subscribe to a plan, which can let you speak and get therapy on the go.

Also available are apps to make the process even easier.

Visit 7Cups for more.


This is a service that has already been used by some of the people I know. Once again, they offer online therapy via their team of trained professionals. Various packages are available, and you can sign up to whatever works best for you.

Like other websites, you have to go through a questionnaire to help you find the best therapist possible. Once matched, that will be your therapist throughout your therapy.

Visit TalkSpace for more.

Do you know of other online services? Have you used them? Would you like to recommend us something? If so, please do get in touch. 

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